1. Where I shop for clothes: Marshall’s or TJMaxx.

  2. Rarely eat out. But when we do it is local and funky. rarely formal.

  3. Favorite online shopping site is Amazon

  4. Lifetime Mac user.

  5. Diet Pepsi

  6. Don’t own a suit. couple sport coats always get me by.

  7. Our refrigerator is 25 years old. Cheap GE bought with first house.

  8. Own 3 vehicles. 2000 Cherokee. 2005 Saturn. 2000 Dodge pickup. All have 100K+ miles on them.

  9. 4 year degree from a state college. art major.

  10. I’ve never flown first class.

  11. Grocery shopping at Aldi’s. Kroger is second. Whole Foods almost never.

  12. Married to the same person for 20 years.

  13. Children go to the same public school that my wife and I attended.

  14. Mint.com user from way back when it launched. Love it. It’s my money dashboard.

  15. Washing machine is a standard top load Maytag.

  16. Millionaire Next Door was a pivotal book for me.

  17. I have a habit of keeping old clothes longer than I should.

  18. My DSLR camera is a 2007 Canon 5D.

  19. Nike+ user. In the Black level, so I have some miles running.

  20. Don’t own any vacation property. I use the rent-as-you-go plan like everybody else.

  21. I don’t clip coupons.

  22. Buy store brand grocery items majority of time.

  23. Don’t shop at Club stores like Sam’s or Costco. They just make you buy more of what you don’t need.

  24. Eye glasses come from a discount retailer. I also have a WalMart brand pair as well.

  25. In our family of four, we have 6 bicycles. One of them is worth more than one of our cars.

  26. I don’t wear a wrist watch.

  27. Not uncommon for me to do my own car maintenance or repairs.

  28. Physical fitness is a habit. Will spend on sports equipment, but not a regular gym member.

  29. I invest in mutual funds.

  30. I don’t buy individual stocks.

  31. Read a daily newspaper every day with breakfast.

  32. Coffee

  33. Lawn mower is a Sears Craftsman model that is 15 years old. Push, no assist.

  34. Don’t own an electric can opener.

  35. Maintain a bank account at the same bank from age of 14. Even though the bank name has changed multiple times since then.

  36. Never taken a finance class.

  37. I am an early to bed person.

  38. Watch very little television.

  39. Never inherited money from anybody. Always wonder who does? must be awesome.

  40. Check my bank account at the beginning and end of each day. Catch fraud and surprise spending that way.

  41. Shoes are an item I will spend full price for the best brands. They last years longer. And my feet are problem free.

  42. Just like many of you, still wish for nicer flooring and better counter tops in the house.

  43. Love to give money to panhandlers. I don’t even care what they do with it either.

  44. Chocolate is favorite flavor for most things.

  45. Glasses over contacts

  46. One of our cars is a manual shift.

  47. Dogs AND cats.

  48. Charcoal grill. Weber. So simple and works better than anything.

  49. Iced tea is the best thing on a hot summer day.

  50. Actually don’t use a written budget. I know, bad.

  51. Tap water.

  52. Buying flowers is money well spent.