This month is our anniversary, but not in the expected sense. We celebrate our wedding anniversary, birthdays, holidays, like most people do. But we have an additional anniversary we celebrate: our mortgage pay off. The day we burned the mortgage. That’s right. Burn baby, burn. It ranks right up there in life moments. Everest. Swimming the channel. Mortgage ignition. And it is definitely an accomplishment as a couple. You both need to be firing on all cylinders. Communicating. Supporting each other. So why not? I love the idea of celebrating it again and again. Isn’t it worthy? I think, for sure.


When I say celebrate, it’s not that we throw a party. Actually, the days of openly celebrating a mortgage burning belong to the days of yore. When people borrowed money only to pay it all back. Not to keep it around indefinitely. Sad really. I would love to share our excitement the same way we do other notable family dates, but it is so rare these days, that it would be rude. Or come off as bragging. The very idea seems bizarre to most people. It’s not even considered to be something to work toward, because it’s seen as impossible (not true!), or a poor use your money (as if paying interest is).


When this time of year rolls around, I can’t help but reminisce on that day. I really cherish being able to revisit that feeling of anticipation. Like walking on air. Like we had just gotten away with something. Almost afraid at what we had just done. Like stepping out onto the moon or something.


I hadn’t planned on paying the balance off in January on purpose. It just happened that way. But afterwards, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. The fact that we did it at the beginning of the year fits right in with every new year’s reflection that comes after. It’s a great reminder that we can do anything if we really put our minds to it, and work together as a team. That seemingly impossible tasks can be conquered one step at a time. When I look forward at what kind of new goals I should be considering for the year ahead, it’s a reminder that I should aim high. A shot in the arm that says, hey! you can do what people say you can’t! Look at what you did! It’s an undeniable fact. Looking back at something like that is a great way to look forward. I feel like every year deserves reflecting on this untethering moment. Letting it drive toward new goals. Inspiring new growth. Here’s to keeping the home fires burning.